Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rusty Passed "Down" with Flying Colors!!!!

Wow, Rusty is a genius!  ha, ha!  I figured I would work with him on the "down" command today since after today Rob is working the rest of the weekend and I will be home with the kids by myself.  I wanted to be able to focus on Rusty only.

So prior to testing him I did two down commands as he was in the process of lying down.  Then, while holding the leash and walking with him I turned and looked at him and said "Rusty down" - he did not hesitate for even a second and went right into the down position.  Then I gave him some loving and told him how great he is!  When I stood up he stood up so again I said "Rusty down" and again he immediate went down! 

So then Rob, who was right by us said "Rusty down" when he came by him and Rusty immediately went down.  When Rob told him how good he was and went to go give him some loving though Rusty high tailed it away, LOL.  But he came back to Rob and he told him he did good.

I'm so excited!

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