Friday, February 3, 2012

Rusty The Alarm Clock

Every morning when I (or anyone) wakes up Rusty acts like he hasn't seen us in a week.  He's gotten better with me since I just ignore him until he calms down, but he has not calmed down yet when any of the kids wake up.  So which ever child wakes up first will come into the bedroom, Rusty gets very excited and inevitable runs right into the kids room and "pounces" on their bed.  Of course a dog pouncing on you will tend to wake you up.

I don't like to pull the kids door closed all the way at night because they do wake up to use the bathroom and I know the one trying to get out of the room will freak.  However, I am starting to get better though at getting to the door first in the morning and closing it all the way, and/or, training the kids to not respond to Rusty and close the door themselves when the wake up.

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