Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Acting Out

Well, Peggy warned that once the dogs succumbed to "down" they would probably start acting up again...she was right.  He did start barking at Rob again (last week) which does seem to have gotten better.  Really other than that, he seems to be okay.

Although, he is barking at Anna...  This actually started before last week.  They were buds there for a while, but Anna likes to push buttons and be very, very stubborn.  I'm not sure if he can feel our tension with her at times or if she has bothered him once too many times.  Even after we had told her No.

I have learned though that a lot of the training can be applied to kids as well.  Peggy said when giving the dog a down command that once it is said - he know what to do.  If he is stubborn, he may try to call your bluff.  So we are to say it once and then stand there and wait, and make the dog stand there as well.  I actually applied this tactic on Anna.  She would not go to sleep the other night and got up for the 3rd time crying about something, but refused to tell me.  So I asked and then waited...30 minutes!!!!  I would not let her sit or move from her spot. 

As far as Rusty with Anna...when we see he is getting agitated again we are putting him back on the leash and using the penny bottle.  Ugh, one step forward and three steps back.


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